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If only everything was as easy as this registration – one A4 form suffices to register your staff with us for all insurances required by statute.

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Important Questions

We will answer the most asked questions concerning ZAS company and its services. You don't find your answers? Just call us directly or email us. We are happy to help you.

How can I register with ZAS?

You can print the registration form off, fill it in and send it to the ZAS. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email; we are always there for you.

Who pays the wages to the employee?

You can choose whether you pay the wage to your employees by yourself or if ZAS should be responsible for the payment. Please find the prices at our price list.

How do I notify the ZAS of the number of hours worked by my staff member(s)?

For staff members paid by the hour, the employer receives what are known as social security cheques from the ZAS. Please insert the number of hours worked and the net wages paid in these cheques. Subsequently please return these to the offices of ZAS. 

Will the staff member receive a pay slip?

In the event that the ZAS pays out the wages, the staff member receives a monthly pay slip automatically and without further costs ("gross option"). If the employer pays out the wages directly, you are able to request monthly pay slips in addition from the ZAS ("net option"). Please refer to the current price list for any prices relating to the above.

Who prepares the wage statement?

The ZAS is in charge of preparing the wage statements. These are sent to the employer in duplicate at the beginning of each year.

Does the ZAS draw up employment contracts too?

Yes, upon request the ZAS draws up employment contracts. For prices, please refer to the current price list.

How and where do I report an accident of a member of staff?

Please report the accident to the ZAS; we will take care of the case by taking the appropriate action on your behalf.